Find information on all IT related topics below.
If you need further assistance, please contact the IT department by emailing
Emergency Alert System
Enroll your cell phone in the UWC-USA emergency alert system to receive text alerts on your cell phone. Sign in below using a valid UWC-USA Google account and enter your contact information.
Enroll Here for Alerts
IT Department Catalog
Get information regarding services and resources offered by the IT department.
Service Catalog
IT Resources
Username and Password
Chrome Remote Desktop
Get instructions for downloading and installing Chrome's remote desktop extension used to receive remote assistance from the UWC-USA IT department.
Step-by-Step Instructions
VPN Setup Instructions
Get instructions for connecting to the UWC-USA network from off campus via Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Download the OpenVPN Client for both Mac and Windows computer types.

Includes client downloads for laptop and mobile devices.
VPN Setup Instructions
Mapping Network Drives
This section provides instructions for connecting to UWC-USA network locations.

Instructions for both Mac and Windows computer types are included.
Step-by-Step Instructions
Google Apps Support Center
Get help with the following Google products by clicking an icon below.

Jive Phone System
Get instructions for using Polycom office phones, managing your voice mailbox, setting up Jive user portal and using virtual FAX machines.
Polycom Phone Guide
Voicemail Management
Jive Portal Setup
Virtual FAX Instructions
Wireless Access Setup Instructions
Get instructions and download setup files for connecting to UWC-USA wireless networks. Instructions for both Mac and Windows computer types are included.

This also includes setup files for both Student and Employee wireless networks.
Step-by-Step Instructions