Chrome Remote Assistance

Chrome Remote Desktop is a browser extension used to connect to other computers, or allow others to connect to your computer for the purpose of providing remote assistance. This is only available for use with the Chrome browser, installed on Windows or Mac computers.

Install instructions

Step 1 – Using the Chrome web browser, navigate to and click Remote Support in the upper right corner of the window.

Step 2 – In the Get Support section of the page, click the download button to download the extension.

Step 3 – Once the extension file has downloaded, run it from the download area or click the ACCEPT & INSTALL buton in the Ready to install section of the page.

Step 4 – After installing the Chrome Remote Desktop client, you will be routed to the Extensions page where you will add the extension to your Chrome browser by clicking the Add to Chrome button in the upper right.

Get Support

Step 5 – Now you are ready to get remote support from an IT administrator. To do so, simply click the GENERATE CODE button in the Get Support section of the page and give the code to the UWC-USA IT admin who is assisting you.

Please note, you should only get IT support from a UWC-USA IT administrator and only generate a code for remote assistance at the time of working with a UWC-USA IT administrator.